Tylers Magnetic Bands


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🌟 Can be used in or out of the stable – 24/7 if required 🌟

🌟 5 x Grade 5 2800 Gauss ceramic magnets – highly durable with resistance to demagnetisation, corrosion & oxidation 🌟

🌟Easy to clean and safe due to velcro strap 🌟

🌟Fantastic for blood flow to reduce swelling and to aid healing 🌟

🌟Can help relieve horses with arthritis🌟

🌟Helps horses to recover after hard work🌟

🌟Available in 3 sizes –
Small 10 inch – medium 11 inch – large 12 inch🌟

🌟 Available to purchase in pairs for just £24.99 🌟

🌟Amazing reviews & results 🌟

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Small, Medium, Large


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