Mounted Games Starter Kit



New to Mounted Games? Then this bundle of equipment is for you, learn practise and hone 8 popular races.

The kit includes 5 plastic bending poles, 1 baton, 2 flags, 2 flag cones, 2 mugs, 1 sock ball set (5 socks), 1 multi pan (which slides onto the bending pole), 5 tennis balls, 1 tennis racquet and 2 ball cones. Please note that colours might vary from image above.

The games that you can play include: Bending, 2 Flag, 2 Mug, Old Sock Junior (and Senior version if the jockey is capable of getting on and off the pony) Ball and Cone, Ball and Flag, Ball and Bucket, Tennis ball shuffle and Ball and Racquet (egg and spoon race!).


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