Jointed Rubber Universal Bit


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Why choose a universal bit for your horse?

The universal bit combines poll pressure with leverage and is ideal for those who require a little more control. The durable rubber covered mouthpiece helps to cushion the nutcracker action of a single jointed bit and is warm in the horse’s mouth.

Also known as a continental bit, it works by raising the bit in the horse’s mouth in a similar way to a traditional gag but without the same severity. Poll pressure can be applied by using the lower rings. A softer option to the three ring Dutch gag, this bit is ideal for riders who need a little more control when jumping or doing fast work but don’t need massive amounts of poll pressure.

Rubber Universal Bit: Key features…

  • Single jointed, durable rubber mouthpiece
  • Exerts poll pressure with a limited gag action
  • Ideally used by experienced riders
  • This bit is NOT BD Legal
  • Bit strength: Moderate

As per our size guide the A & B measurements of this bit are as follows…
4.5″ & 5″ – A=15mm & B=110mm
5.5″ – A=15mm & B=135mm

Rubber Horse Bits…

Rubber covered bits generally have thicker mouthpieces making them softer and ideal for horses with sensitive mouths or those who do not like metal bits. Our rubber bits have been heat treated to make them smooth to the touch and more durable. May not be suitable for horses with small mouths or a large tongue due to the thicker mouthpiece.

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4.5”, 5”, 5.5”


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