Centauras-Pulse Mini


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The Treatment you love, just smaller! The Centauras-Pulse Mini has been developed to make it even easier for you to get the best massage of your life literally anywhere!! It uses Percussive Vibration Therapy (PVT) to increase blood flow to muscles allowing them to repair and flush our toxins faster and more effectively, meaning you can push life to the limits knowing that you won’t wake up feeling stiff the next day. Just like the Centauras-Pulse Pro, the Mini is made from aircraft grade aluminium to ensure it is lightweight yet can stand up to the rigours of day-to-day life. All this in a device no bigger than your phone. The Centauras-Pulse Mini comes with 4 massage heads so you can personalise the feel of every treatment!


For best results, get guidance from your physio initially!


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